3 minutes minute read | February 28th, 2020

Questions you should ask before whitening your teeth.

Whitening your teeth at home with Smileo products is an awesome idea for several reasons: it’s more affordable than the clinic whitenings with similar results, you can option to choose a method that’s best for your teeth, our products do not include any peroxides, therefore they don’t cause sensitivity, it’s easy and quick and you can do it whenever and wherever you want.

In this article, we’re answering the questions that our customers usually think about before starting the whitening process, such as: what is the best time of a day to whiten my teeth? What should I know before whitening my teeth at home? Can I whiten my teeth if I have cavities (caries)? And a few more.

Let’s start with: what is the best time of a day to whiten my teeth?

Easy: whatever time you think is the best.
We recommend including it to your morning or evening routines: most of us already have skincare/hygiene routines that we repeat daily at certain times. When you add the whitening to these routines, it’s easy to remember and you save time.
You can whiten your teeth for example during your shower, hair care, skincare or other any routines!
We also recommend brushing your teeth before – that’s another reason to add the whitening to your normal teeth brushing routines!

What should I know before whitening my teeth at home?

There are a few things you should know before you start. The most important thing is knowing and understanding the health of your teeth. We recommend seeing your dentist, making sure there’s no cavities or other damage, and just checking that your teeth are healthy and ready to shine!
Very important: understand what you’re doing. Read the instructions carefully and follow them. It’s easy!

Can I whiten my teeth if I have cavities (caries)?

This is a question that we get pretty often. Even though our products are extremely gentle and cause no damage to your teeth, we recommend whitening healthy teeth.
See your dentist and make sure there’s no damage on your teeth.
A healthy smile is the happiest one!

How often can I whiten my teeth at home?

We recommend whitening your teeth in one week cycle, only repeat this cycle every 2-3 months.
This means in one whitening cycle whiten your teeth, every day for 7 days. It’s enough to get effective results that will last for a few months!
Let your teeth rest, enjoy your white smile and only repeat the whitening cycle, whenever you feel like your smile needs it again. We recommend having at least 1-2 months break between every whitening cycle. 
Between the whitening cycles, take a look at our blog post which might help you to keep the smile as bright as you can for as long as possible!