Smileo Teeth Whitening recommended by UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

2 minutes minute read | June 10th, 2020

Read about how the UK Blogger, Content Creator & Photographer Tom Sheard from Leeds (with a large Instagram following of 28.5 k) comes across Smileo Teeth Whitening products. For one thing, they actually work and after giving Smileo a try, his mind about teeth whitening at home has changed.

A man holding a Smileo teeth whitening product
Tom Sheard ready to whiten his teeth at home with Smileo products.

One of the things Tom considers important for the first impressions (and always notices himself) is the smile and, of course, people’s teeth. Personally, he’s always taken good care of his smile, in detail, brushing twice, and making the recommended dentist appointments. He’s even tried out drugstore home teeth whitening products. Sadly, the last until now hasn’t worked out any miracles or even remarkable results. That is to say until coming across to Smileo.

Tom Sheard using Smileo Teeth Whitening kit with LED light
Fill the tray with whitening gel, insert the tray in your mouth, and let Smileo brighten your smile!

All Smileo dental hygiene products are made from natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals. Non the less important to the customers is the fact, that Smileo products are cruelty-free and vegan.
Each Smileo whitening kit contains a LED-whitening light, 3 whitening gels, an instruction for use, and a shade map for keeping track of the daily results. 
Before using the Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit Tom’s teeth matched the whitening shade guide’s number 4, which is fairly bright, but still, leaves room for improvements.
Smileo Teeth whitening products are particularly easy to use at home. In short, regular and hassle-free whitening sessions with the gel and LED whitening light takes only 10 minutes per day. Even the busiest people will be able to find time to brighten their smiles with Smileo. Whether it is during the daily beauty routine or while continuing with the day’s activities.

‘Leave the gel to work its magic, kickback or continue with your day’

Tom’s verdict is clear: ”Couldn’t rate these products enough. Try some for yourself!” -Tom Sheard

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