3 minutes minute read | February 28th, 2020

I work as an entrepreneur, model and a blogger. My weeks and days are often busy and I’m on the move most of my time. If I’m not somewhere running my daily errands, most likely you find me working at home.

Natural style and smile

I want to keep my teeth white and pretty since a charming smile is one of the most important qualities to have as a model -and as a person working in social media.

My style is pretty natural and down to earth, I love light makeup and keep my hair natural.

Again: a huge part of the perfect natural style is -of course- a beautiful smile.

Limited time

I don’t have hours and hours to spend on the dentist chair though – and well, do I even need to get to the money part… Which means I’m like many, many others these days: I need my white smile but want it to keep it easy and affordable.

But the thing is: I never want to risk the health of my teeth by using products that can include some harmful ingredients.


I found Smileo after I had been searching for a local, trustworthy brand that sells affordable, safe, easy-to-use products.

I have tried all the products from Smileo and have to say that I’ve been happy with them all. My personal favourites must be the charcoal products since I love all that is as natural and organic and I try to keep to it as much as possible.

When it comes to these products, I can trust them to be natural and effective. Also, they didn’t do any harm to my teeth.

How I use the products

I use the teeth whitening kit every now and then. I find it very convenient, especially when travelling and working.

Often my time is limited and therefore it can be easier to use the kit while doing something else, instead of brushing my teeth with charcoal. Sometimes I even use the kit when I’m driving to work.

Anyway, personally I don’t like mixing the products. If I’m using the charcoal powder, I will use it for a week or two. If I’m using the kit, I’ll use it for at least 6 consecutive days.

I find it smart to have breaks sometimes. Your white smile is not going to disappear, so let them rest every now and then.