3 minutes minute read | February 27th, 2020

5 easy home teeth whitening tips and tricks

You might have heard how easy, quick and safe it is but still asks yourself: “How to actually do it, how does it work?”
Don’t worry. All of our teeth whitening products come with simple and easy to follow instructions, and by following them anyone should become home teeth whitening master!

Let’s go through the most important things together.

Whitening your teeth at home is indeed easy, quick and safe.
You only need to know a few things:

1. Pick your favourite teeth whitening method

Smileo is offering three different options: the kit, the strips and the charcoal powder.
You might already have an idea of what works the best for you and your teeth. If not, we’re sure you’ll find your favourite of these three!
All of them are effective, easy to use and very affordable.

2. Make teeth whitening a routine

We recommend including the teeth whitening process to your other routines such as beauty, relaxing, reading, working or some other routines.
Whatever you think is the best time for you to whiten your teeth.
The great thing is, the kit and the strips can easily be used during other tasks! And the charcoal whitening is very quick : just brush your teeth with the powder.
Super easy to include in your daily routines!

3. Make sure you read and follow the teeth whitening instructions

All of our packages include very simple and easy to follow instructions.
When you receive the package before you start using the product make sure you go through the instructions step by step.

If you have any questions that you don’t find answers for on the instructions, our customer service is always happy to help! We also have the FAQ page that includes the most common questions and answers!

4. Keep track of your results

With our whitening kit, you receive a shade map, which helps you to follow and keep track of your results. Before you start whitening your teeth, find your starting shade and take a picture of your teeth next to it. Repeat this after every use. Make sure the lighting is always identical – the shades always look different in a different light.
If you can’t take photos, just write down the number of the starting shade and repeat that every time!
That helps you to see the difference.

5. Remember to Smile! 🙂